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Smart Home Lighting Systems

Utilizing Advanced Lighting Technology To Beautify Your Home

There is no doubt that people can be positively affected by the type of lighting that is found in their homes. Effective lighting designs can calmly welcome us home after a long day, set the mood for any family occasion and even help prepare us to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The highly knowledgeable professionals at Premium Home Systems have many years’ of experience in utilizing state of the art, whole-home lighting systems to beautify our clients’ living spaces.

The Elements Of Whole Home Lighting Systems

Smart Lighting Control Systems

Design – Whether it be through our own in house design staff or our network of top lighting design partners, we will work with you to develop a holistic strategy for each room of your home, designed solely around your unique lifestyle and preferences. We will focus on both functional lighting, as well as different strategies to utilize light to enhance the beauty of art collections and other objects of interest.

Control – Modern technology provides homeowners with the ability to control easily their lighting systems with the use of advanced dimmers to create layers of light and keypads to easily control scenes such as Welcome, Relax or Entertain. The Goodnight button turns off your whole home with a simple touch.
You are always connected, with the ability to remotely control your system from your mobile device.

Fixtures – Choosing the right type of fixtures for your home is just as important as the overall lighting design itself. Premium Home Systems has access to a full array of fixtures through a variety of supplier relationships.

Safety & Peace Of Mind

Smart Lighting Installation
In addition to the beautification and lifestyle benefits of today’s home lighting systems, this technology can also play an important role in optimizing the safety and security of your home. Our systems allow homeowners to utilize many different “lighting scenes” for when they are away on vacation or just gone for the day. In addition, always enter a well-lit home without lifting a finger, with geofencing technology that will turn on preferred lighting scenes as you approach your home.

Nature and Technology Converge

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) or Circadian Lighting is the latest evolution in lighting types, styles and controls that provides a unique experience to transform what lighting can do not only for your home, but also your life. Whether creating unique moods with a wonderful color pallet or being more productive by introducing and mimicking natural outdoor light in the home, you will be amazed by this emerging technology.

Contact us today to learn more and get started on your smart home lighting installation.